PRESS RELEASE 2015 Anti-wrinkle pads sell like crazy after interview!

28th Jan 2016

LOS ANGELES, CA. NOVEMBER 19, 2015 – Camille Della-Santina, entrepreneur and manufacturer of SilcSkin anti- wrinkle pads was interviewed by Lori Crete of The Beauty Biz Show. The 7 minute plus interview covered a lot of ground on Camille’s approach to her business, as well as some great stories from her 25 year career as an Emmy Award-winning makeup artist.

This fascinating interview, which originally aired on November 16th, resulted in a huge sales event for SilcSkin, as the audience listened to Camille as she opened up about her plan for success in the beauty industry, the celebrities she has worked with, and the reasons she transitioned from her theatrical career to becoming a successful business owner and inventor.

Some of the topics Camille Della-Santina spoke about included her journey from film school to makeup to entrepreneur; why she never took “no” for an answer; her experience working with Tom Cruise; how she manages to balance motherhood with her business, and tips for success. Listeners also love to hear her speak on her anti- wrinkle products and how she created SilcSkin, and her input and thoughts on developing SilcSkin into a thriving business that’s gone on to help thousands of customers in the U.S.A. as well as in over 27 countries all over the world.

SilcSkin is the sole manufacturer of the original anti-wrinkle pad. There are four distinct sets of products available: The Decollette pad is used to get rid of wrinkles on the chest area (the décolletage); the Brow set is the second, and is used on the face, specifically the brow area and around the eyes. The third set is the Multi-Area set, used primarily for the areas around the eyes, the brow and around the mouth. The fourth is the Neck pad, which when used in conjunction with the Decollette pad, helps remove wrinkles from the neck and clavicle area. A fifth pad will soon be coming out, which targets the area right below the eyes.

For more information on SilcSkin Anti-Wrinkle pads, contact SilcSkin at {855} 745.2756 or email Camille Calvet at for a detailed product brochure
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To listen to Lori Crete’s interview of Camille. Click here